E-Kiosk S.A. the largest e-Press distributor in Poland

We systematically develop the offer of digital publications, bringing together in one place the catalogues of ePress, eBooks and Audiobooks. The company's goal is to provide a full range of publications, periodicals and books in a digital version.

About us

We are a leader on the digital press market in Poland, having almost 600 press titles in our portfolio. Our company was founded 14 years ago in Wroclaw. As the largest Polish distributor of digital content, we sell ePress, eBooks and Audiobooks, currently cooperating with over 400 publishers. We have four brands: eKiosk.pl, eGazety.pl, Nexto.pl and an interactive agency eContentLab.pl.

We develop software sales and provide e-commerce services for publishers. We provide digital press issues to approximately 1,200 corporate entities and public institutions. We work with leaders in their industries such as: Samsung, Orange Polska, Polkomtel, Netia or LOT.

The company is one of the entities from the portfolio of Gremi Media S.A., the publisher of Rzeczpospolita and Parkiet Gazeta Giełdy. The company's shares are listed on the New Connect market.

The company owns the following brands: eKiosk.pl, eGazety.pl, Nexto.pl, eContentLAB.pl.



  • Over 53,000 eBooks and Audiobooks
  • About 600 ePress titles
  • 5,000 articles per month
  • 8 hours of video materials per day


  • 4 sales platforms
  • 6 mobile applications
  • 3 desktop readers for ePress


  • 2006 - the launch of eKiosk.
  • 2012 - the takeover of the eGazeta platform.
  • 2014 - the takeover of the Nexto platform.
  • 2016 - the launch of the eContentLab agency.
  • 2017 - the launch of the eKiosk News platform.

Numbers don’t lie

68 000


110 000


170 000


1 056


Our brands


eKiosk is an online kiosk with digital press. Both the website and eBook reader - eKiosk Reader, have been prepared from scratch in Poland. The system is constantly developed in the direction suggested by both publishers and its users.

We are an undisputed leader on the domestic ePress market. We offer over 350 titles and we distribute over 2 million copies annually, both among individual clients as well as the largest companies and institutions in the country.


We have been producing, selling and distributing digital press for over 10 years. In January 2005, we established the first website in Poland, where readers could purchase their favorite titles in an ecological, digital form.


Nexto was founded in 2005 and is the largest platform in Poland selling electronic content. In its catalogue, it has over 45,000 titles of eBooks and Audiobooks as well as over 250 newspapers and magazines.

Nexto.pl also works via the Nexto Reader mobile application, available on Android and iOS mobile platforms.


eContentLab is an interactive agency offering digital marketing services. We run multi-year marketing strategies and also short-term projects in the field of: content and video marketing, social media, creation of comprehensive communication strategies, web design, augmented reality (AR), planning and implementation of advertising campaigns.

For publishers

In recent years, there have been significant changes on the printed press market. Publishers must compete with websites that are much faster, cheaper and more attractive to users, offering - in addition to static illustrations and texts - multimedia and interactive elements. The result is a decrease in circulation of printed magazines, higher costs of maintaining readers and gradual shifting of advertising budgets to the Internet.

Technological solutions

 We limit production costs

No printing, paper, classic distribution and refund costs

 We allow to reduce the retail price and increase sales

Thanks to the reduction of production costs, while maintaining the same margin, it allows an increase in copy sales (recognized by ZKDP/PEAM/!)

 We adapt to the individual needs of publishers

At any time, it can be adapted to the specific needs of the publisher - the functionality of e-edition Readers can be extended with the functions required by the publisher, available when viewing his publications

 We offer services previously unavailable in the printed press

E-edition is not only the same content as a printed magazine, but also the possibility of expanding by the functions of the Internet media such as: active links to websites, multimedia expanding the content of articles and advertisements. It is also possible to search the magazine's content, highlight interesting fragments and make notes on the spot

 We reduce the time to reach readers to a minimum

Subscribers can download the digital version of the magazine online immediately after the issue appears in the system

 We give access to archival copies

Nothing prevents the archival copies of every newspaper or magazine from being available along with the current editions

 We increase the reach of readers

The Internet knows no borders, e-editions are a chance to reach where traditional distribution fails, for example small towns and villages, and Poles living abroad

 We care about safety

Built-in security mechanisms protect e-releases from uncontrolled distribution, which can not be said, for example, about e-releases sold in regular, unprotected PDF files.


We work with

Let's talk about cooperation


Wojciech Pawłowski - President of the Management Board

Wojciech Pawłowski

President of the Managment Board


He joined eKiosk team in June 2024. Previously, he was associated with the telecommunications and pay-TV industries, where he held managerial positions in customer service, finance, business intelligence, marketing, and sales at Polkomtel, Cyfrowy Polsat and Netia. Since 2016, he was responsible for direct marketing, customer value management, upselling processes, retention, and anti-churn strategies.

From 2021, he oversaw the customer base value building, budgeting, reporting, analytics and data science for the B2C segment, e-commerce portals, and performance marketing within the Polsat Plus Group for the Plus, Plush, Polsatbox, and Netia brands. He manages teams and projects, leading them to achieve ambitious business goals and implement innovative solutions. He graduated the Warsaw School of Economics and the Warsaw University of Technology.


Wojciech Szymczyk - Vice President of the Management Board

Wojciech Szymczyk

Vice President of the Managment Board


Wojciech Szymczyk is a highly experienced professional in the fields of digital and e-commerce, with a career spanning over 20 years at renowned companies such as Philip Morris (Marlboro), T-Mobile (Heyah), Netia, Vue (Multikino), and Audioteka. At Audioteka, as the Chief Growth Officer, his leadership resulted in a fivefold increase in the Audioteka Club subscriber base within three years. He established the Business Intelligence department from

scratch, efficiently managing streaming costs and pricing strategies. The company's first-ever brand campaign in early 2023 yielded measurable results. By implementing systematic, multidimensional research and focusing on customer experience, the NPS score increased by 20 points, which in turn reduced churn by 3 percentage points. While working at Multikino and the VUE group (owner of Multikino), Wojciech co-led a digital transformation that increased the percentage of tickets sold online from 5% to nearly 60% between 2013 and 2019. The new netia.pl service, a critical element of the operator's strategy during the 2011 rebranding, quickly increased the channel's sales share to 15%. From 2005 to 2010, Wojciech Szymczyk was responsible for the digital strategy of the Heyah brand, significantly contributing to its market success. Wojciech Szymczyk has a master's degree in marketing from the Warsaw School of Economics and postgraduate studies at Film School Łódź (creative producer).


Magdalena Dulińska - Vice President of the Managment Board

Magdalena Dulińska

Vice President of the Managment Board


Legal Adviser, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University and a six-month scholarship at the Faculty of Law of the University of Nuremberg-Erlangen (Germany). She completed postgraduate studies in commercial law at the Entrepreneurship School of the Cracow University of Economics. Since 2000, she has participated in the implementation of various projects on conducting business

using IT, mobile networks and the e-commerce industry. She has worked as an in-house lawyer in commercial law companies, including those listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange SA (Interia.pl SA, Bankier.pl SA), both in terms of handling day-to-day corporate and business activities and handling investment projects. He has experience in working for entities in the TMT sector (TV Puls, Grupa Multimedialna SA) and the public sector (National Health Fund Headquarters, Social Insurance Institution Headquarters). She has practical experience serving in company bodies as a Member of the Management Board (Bankier.pl SA) and as a Member of the Supervisory Board (FOR FORCAN SA, Pit.pl Sp. z o. o., Post - Tel Sp. z o. o., POSTDATA SA). She also served as a proxy in Bankier.pl SA. She has been working with the Gremi Media SA capital group since May 2018. Since October 2018, she has been Vice President of the Management Board of e-Kiosk SA.

Supervisory Board

Grzegorz Chmielewski

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Radosław Kucko

Member of the Supervisory Board


Tomasz Jaworski

Member of the Supervisory Board


Maciej Maciejowski

Member of the Supervisory Board


Until September 2020, he held the positions of Member of the Management Board of TVN S.A. and TVN Media sp. z.o.o. and President of the Management Board of TVN Digital S.A. In the years 2004-2020 he was connected with TVN S.A. Group, where, apart from the functions listed

above, he held the following positions: marketing manager responsible for TVN24, TVN Turbo, TVN Style, TVN Meteo channels (2004-2006), manager of TVN Turbo channel (2006-2008), project manager at TVN24.pl portal (2007-2008), manager of TVN Warszawa channel and tvnwarszawa.pl portal (2008-2011) and deputy programme director at TVN S.A. (2011-2012). Previously, Mr Maciejowski was associated with the Onet.pl S.A. Group as a manager of key projects (2000-2004) and with the Animation Film Studio in Krakow (1996-2000). Mr Maciej Maciejowski is a graduate of media management at Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz (BA) and of journalism and social communication at Jagiellonian University (MA). He also holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) diploma issued by the University of Illinois and the University of Warsaw.

Jakub Zaskurski

Member of the Supervisory Board


Since 2013 he has been working in the structures of Gremi Media S.A. Mr Jakub Zaskurski holds the position of Director of the Distribution Department. He has 20 years of experience in management of press distribution processes of high-volume titles, e.g.

Motor, specialist titles, e.g. Computerworld and subscriptions acquired in Polish and foreign publishing houses responsible for distribution management in, among others, Migut Media S.A., International Data Group Poland S.A.



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