E-Kiosk S.A. the largest e-Press distributor in Poland

We systematically develop the offer of digital publications, bringing together in one place the catalogues of ePress, eBooks and Audiobooks. The company's goal is to provide a full range of publications, periodicals and books in a digital version.

About us

We are a leader on the digital press market in Poland, having almost 600 press titles in our portfolio. Our company was founded 10 years ago in Wroclaw. As the largest Polish distributor of digital content, we sell ePress, eBooks and Audiobooks, currently cooperating with over 400 publishers. We have four brands: eKiosk.pl, eGazety.pl, Nexto.pl and an interactive agency eContentLab.pl.

We develop software sales and provide e-commerce services for publishers. We provide digital press issues to approximately 1,200 corporate entities and public institutions. We work with leaders in their industries such as: Samsung, Orange Polska, Polkomtel, Netia or LOT.

The company is one of the entities from the portfolio of Gremi Media S.A., the publisher of Rzeczpospolita and Parkiet Gazeta Giełdy.

The minority shareholder of eKiosk is RUCH SA. The company's shares are listed on the New Connect market. The company owns the following brands: eKiosk.pl, eGazety.pl, Nexto.pl, eContentLAB.pl and provides the Plusoczytelnia.pl platform.



  • Over 53,000 eBooks and Audiobooks
  • About 600 ePress titles
  • 5,000 articles per month
  • 8 hours of video materials per day


  • 4 sales platforms
  • 6 mobile applications
  • 3 desktop readers for ePress


  • 2006 - the launch of eKiosk.
  • 2012 - the takeover of the eGazeta platform.
  • 2014 - the takeover of the Nexto platform.
  • 2016 - the launch of the eContentLab agency.
  • 2017 - the launch of the eKiosk News platform.

Numbers don’t lie

53 000


110 000


170 000


450 000


Our brands


eKiosk is an online kiosk with digital press. Both the website and eBook reader - eKiosk Reader, have been prepared from scratch in Poland. The system is constantly developed in the direction suggested by both publishers and its users.

We are an undisputed leader on the domestic ePress market. We offer over 350 titles and we distribute over 2 million copies annually, both among individual clients as well as the largest companies and institutions in the country.


We have been producing, selling and distributing digital press for over 10 years. In January 2005, we established the first website in Poland, where readers could purchase their favorite titles in an ecological, digital form.


Nexto was founded in 2005 and is the largest platform in Poland selling electronic content. In its catalogue, it has over 45,000 titles of eBooks and Audiobooks as well as over 250 newspapers and magazines.

Nexto.pl also works via the Nexto Reader mobile application, available on Android and iOS mobile platforms.


eContentLab is an interactive agency offering digital marketing services. We run multi-year marketing strategies and also short-term projects in the field of: content and video marketing, social media, creation of comprehensive communication strategies, web design, augmented reality (AR), planning and implementation of advertising campaigns.

For publishers

In recent years, there have been significant changes on the printed press market. Publishers must compete with websites that are much faster, cheaper and more attractive to users, offering - in addition to static illustrations and texts - multimedia and interactive elements. The result is a decrease in circulation of printed magazines, higher costs of maintaining readers and gradual shifting of advertising budgets to the Internet.

Technological solutions

 We limit production costs

No printing, paper, classic distribution and refund costs

 We allow to reduce the retail price and increase sales

Thanks to the reduction of production costs, while maintaining the same margin, it allows an increase in copy sales (recognized by ZKDP/PEAM/!)

 We adapt to the individual needs of publishers

At any time, it can be adapted to the specific needs of the publisher - the functionality of e-edition Readers can be extended with the functions required by the publisher, available when viewing his publications

 We offer services previously unavailable in the printed press

E-edition is not only the same content as a printed magazine, but also the possibility of expanding by the functions of the Internet media such as: active links to websites, multimedia expanding the content of articles and advertisements. It is also possible to search the magazine's content, highlight interesting fragments and make notes on the spot

 We reduce the time to reach readers to a minimum

Subscribers can download the digital version of the magazine online immediately after the issue appears in the system

 We give access to archival copies

Nothing prevents the archival copies of every newspaper or magazine from being available along with the current editions

 We increase the reach of readers

The Internet knows no borders, e-editions are a chance to reach where traditional distribution fails, for example small towns and villages, and Poles living abroad

 We care about safety

Built-in security mechanisms protect e-releases from uncontrolled distribution, which can not be said, for example, about e-releases sold in regular, unprotected PDF files.


We work with

Let's talk about cooperation


Łukasz Piela - Vice President of the Management Board

Łukasz Piela

President of the Managment Board


He has been associated with eKiosk S.A. for 7 years. As part of it, he built a portfolio of products dedicated to corporate sales. From January 2017, he held the position of Managing Director in the Company. In the years 2013 - 2016 he was the Commercial Director of the Company, at that time successfully took over the Nexto.pl digital bookstore, which expanded the offer portfolio

of eKiosk S.A. in October 2014. He has been involved in the media market for 14 years. In the years 2003 - 2008 he worked at Newton Media, a leader in the media analysis and monitoring market in Central Europe. In the years 2008-2010 associated with Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, operator of the Era network. He graduated from Political Science at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw.

Magdalena Dulińska - Vice President of the Managment Board

Magdalena Dulińska

Vice President of the Managment Board


Legal Advisor, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University and a six-month scholarship at the law faculty of the University of Nuremberg-Erlangen (Germany). She completed post-graduate studies in economic law at the School of Entrepreneurship at the Cracow University of Economics. Since 2000, he has been involved in the implementation of various business

projects with the using of IT networks, mobile and e-commerce. She worked as an in-house lawyer in commercial law companies, including those listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange SA (Interia.pl SA, Bankier.pl SA), both in the field of servicing current corporate and business operations as well as servicing investment projects. He has experience in working for entities from the TMT industry (TV Puls, Grupa Multimedialna SA) and the public sector (Headquarters of the National Health Fund, Head Office of the Social Insurance Institution). He has practical experience of performing functions in the company's bodies as a Member of the Management Board (Bankier.pl SA) and as a Member of the Supervisory Board (FOR FORCAN SA, Pit.pl Sp. O. O., Post - Tel Sp. O. O., POSTDATA SA). She also acted as a proxy in Bankier.pl SA. He has been cooperating with the Gremi Media SA capital group since May 2018.

Paweł Myjak - Member of the Board

Paweł Myjak

Member of the Board


Legal adviser registered on the list of legal advisors of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw. A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań and the Faculty of European Law of the "Viadrina" University in Frankfurt / Oder (LL.M.). He gained professional experience in large Polish companies, mainly in PKN ORLEN S.A. and "RUCH" S.A.,

where he managed multi-million receivables portfolios. He has extensive managerial experience, participated in the centralization and restructuring of financial and accounting processes. Currently, he is responsible for auditing, receivables, administration and real estate as well as purchases in "RUCH" S.A.

Supervisory Board

Marek Dworak

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Investor and adviser. Expert in finance and media. President of "Open Horizon" Sp. z o.o., Member of the Supervisory Board of Gremi Media S.A. and "CityInteractiwe" S.A. listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Graduate of AE in Krakow. President of the Alumni


Piotr Regulski

Vice President of the Supervisory Board


Member of the "RUCH" SA Management Board in responsible restructuring, among others for the Sales Division. In the years 2017-2018 he ran his own business in the field of consultancy regarding, among others: strategic management, sales management and

customer service. Earlier, for over 10 years, he worked for the companies from the Impel Group in various managerial positions: Chief Executive Officer, President of the Management Board, Vice President of the Management Board. In 2004 and 2005 he was the Vice President of the Management Board of MCX Systems Sp. z o.o. responsible for managing the company, developing and implementing new projects at home and abroad. A graduate of the University of Economics O. Lange in Wrocław. He completed post-graduate studies at the Academy of Leadership Psychology organized by the Warsaw School of Business and many other trainings.

Piotr Łysek

Member of the Supervisory Board


SA graduate of the Electrical Department of the Wroclaw University of Technology. In the years 1993-2010 associated with the European Leasing Fund S.A. , including from 1994 on managerial positions, he was responsible for sales in the macro-region. In the years

2010 - 2012 he was an Advisor to the Management Board at Getin Holding S.A. From March 2009 to June 2014, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of NFI Jupiter S.A. From June 2013 to June 2014, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of KCI S.A. From 2014, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of Gremi Media S.A. and also an Advisor to the Management Board of Gremi Media S.A. He was a Vice President of Gremi Media S.A. and from 2017 to 2018 President of the Managment Board of E-Kiosk.

Tomasz Jażdżyński

Member of the Supervisory Board


A graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Marketing and Management at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. He was one of the founders of Abakus - a software developer supporting the technical analysis of the

securities market. From 1995, he worked for brokerage houses in Krakow (KDM, currently IDM) and Penetrator, among others as IT manager and Securities Market Analyst. In September 1999, he joined the horizontal portal Interia.pl, where in April 2000 he was promoted to the position of the President of the Board. In February 2001, as the youngest CEO in the history of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, he introduced the shares of Interia.pl S.A. to public trading. In October 2004, he left Interia.pl and started cooperation with the horizontal portal Wirtualna Polska. As the CFO, he was responsible for the financial and operational restructuring of the company. In November 2005, he became the President of the Board of the financial portal Bankier.pl, which in June 2007 became a public company, thus he became the first CEO who introduced two different companies to stock exchange trading in Poland. After the takeover of Interia.pl by the Bauer Media group, in May 2008 he became the CEO of that portal once again. In the years 2011 - 2016 he was the President of the Board of GG Network S.A., while in the years 2013 - 2016 he was the Managing Director of the Media and Communication segment of the Allegro Group. In 2005, he was named by the editors of Internet Standard as the Man of the Year 2004 of the Polish Internet. In 2009, he received the prestigious Mixx-awards award from IAB Poland for lifetime achievements. Joined the Gremi Group in 2017. From 20/12/2017. President of the Management Board of Gremi Media S.A.

Jakub Zaskurski

Member of the Supervisory Board


From 2013 in the structures of Gremi Media S.A., acting as the Director of the Distribution Department. He has 20 years of experience in managing the distribution processes of high-volume press titles, among others Motor, specialist titles including Computerworld

and subscriptions purchased in Polish and foreign publishing houses, responsible for managing the distribution among others in Migut Media S.A., International Data Group Poland S.A.



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